In No Particular Order...
Benji - Half Chinese Australian born. I have tigerstripes tattoo'd on my left wrist. Eyes are sometimes green, sometimes blue, and the rest of the time they're yellow. I'm kindof a Nerd :D

This blog has no particular theme, except perhaps a random collection of things and stuff. I have an unhealthy obsession for tigers, snake, and other things that could kill me :) Scenery of places i wish i could visit. Random Nerd shit from games i play or shows i watch. youtude vids i could watch over and over and songs i could play a million times. All of them in no particular order.

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#Playing: League of Legends - add me ingame -Tigervirus- and Guild Wars 2 -Tigervirus.7164-.



( i tried to post this   but its not going through i am not sure why not  - i wanted you to have it and see it and enjoy it) 

Tall, dark, and twunkish… my fucking kind of man.